Top 50 Funny Yet Inspirational Quotes On Laziness.

Laziness is one of the most favorite topics for netizens especially the memers. Social media platforms are flooded with memes and quotes on laziness. We have picked the top 50 quotes on laziness that are both funny and inspirational.

You may have heard the story of the hare and a tortoise, when a hare lost a race against tortoise because of his laziness and overconfidence. The same thing happens in real life too. Laziness sometimes becomes the only reason to fail, and who really wants to fail???

Someone truly said about laziness:

“Laziness will destroy you if you don’t destroy it.”

We tried to pick some best quotes on laziness that can inspire you to work and can fill you with laughter.

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Funny Laziness Quotes

Whenever we talk about laziness, funny things come first in mind. And our list of laziness quotes is incomplete without humor. Have a look at these funny quotes, we’re sure you can’t control your laughter.

Laziness Quotes That Can Inspire You To Work

In order to work efficiently and achieve success, we must overcome our laziness. These quotes can help you in overcoming your laziness and inspire you to work.

Quotes On Laziness By Famous Authors

Have a look at, what the famous celebrities and authors say about laziness.

Don’t Be Lazy To Overcome Your Laziness

In the end, we must say, making fun of laziness is good for a while, but in the end, we have to overcome our laziness by hook or by crook. Laziness is a continuous disinclination that soon converts into a very bad habit. Nobody is born lazy. It’s a behavior we learned along the way of life. But like any other bad habit, it can be broken too.